Is MBA from US is worth for me?


I have eight year of experience in Software Development and currently my designation is Sr Tech Lead. I want to pursue MBA from USA, would it be worth enough after this experience as would be something more when exactly I will start my course.

I do not have good academic record as well just 51% in my 10 & 12 standard and 58 in BSc then I did MSc IT (correspondence) with 73%.

In GMAT, I have scored 703. Would this score and my experience be enough to secure me a seat in a Top US university? if yes would it be worth enough to do MBA at this stage.

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Admission at a top B-school depends on variety of factors including your work exp,test scores,acads, essays, interview and community involvement. No one factor would make or break your candidacy. With a score of 703 you can be rest asssured that you won’t be rejected purely based on your test scores.

The most important aspect is how best your convey your experience and careers goals to the adcom(admission committee) . Your acads are thing of the past and there is nothing that you can do correct them, but it would definitely help to try and express the reasons for the same. Your 8 yrs of experience will come in handy but its very important that you try to figure out what you want to get out of the program. Will MBA be beneficial - it depends on what you want, do you want be a product manager/program manager or wanting to make a shift from tech to business side of things, in such a scenario it would definitely ease the transition. 

Single point agenda of any adcom is to see whether you would benefit from the program and also whether your classmates/program will benefit by having you in the class.