Is it worth doing MBA from USA @ age of 35 for Indian

I would need some advice from you: I have around 10 yrs of exp in Indian IT industry(4 yrs in USA).
I was thinking of going to USA for MBA, but was little confused and worried that at the age of 35 would it be worth moving to a USA, as after MBA I would be working on H1B and H1B->green card is a very time taking process(8-10 yrs) for Indians. Being on H1 could be sometime frustrating as cannt switch job if not satisfied etc. what if I loose my job, handling these issues at the age of ~40(+) could be difficult.
and I would like to come back to India @ age of ~60(would like to spend old age in India).

So is putting the time and money on MBA in USA at age of 35 would be worth?
Please share your views.


Well, it depends on your goals and passion. Unfortunately, in current immigration scenario, your plan to get H1B and then Green Card are subject to your luck. Read Applying to US with H1B Lottery . If it was your passion to study, go for it. But, you need to be ready to come back to India and work here, if things do not work out.

It is a very calculated risk, you need to be really careful. MBA in USA from a typical top 10 school can cost you anywhere from 120,000 USD to 160,000 USD. If you are just looking for an MBA degree, then the cost is different, you can apply anywhere... Put everything on a piece of paper and then make a calculated decision. Money is one thing and passion is another thing. You can take a sabbatical, study in US and come back to India and continue to job.  If you plan is to go to America, then you can work at an MNC and then move to US on L1 visa and then puruse your path to Green Card...So, worth is very relative and depends on how you put it.

One of my MBA students from China is 74. I hope that answers your question.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,