Is it worth applying for MS after 6 years of analytics work experience?

Dear All,

I need advice from your expertise. I did my graduation in a reputed engineering college in Hyderabad, India. I have around 6 years of experience in the analytics profile. I am enjoying my work profile.

Some of my peers and serniors suggested me to go for Masters.

I am in dilemma, shall I go for MS or MBA ? Which is better option ? What are the pros / cons ?

I am flexible to both working in India or USA in the long run.

In India, its very difficult to get into IIMs as the competition is high. I am not having much time to prepare for CAT.

Higher education always helps you in some ways to change jobs or grow up the ladder, when the time is right. Read the article : Decide MS or MBA in USA section and take an informed Decision.

MBA should be your next choice. It is a logical step upwards. MBA at least at our University is simple open-book entrance exam based run all over India once a month. It is Rupees 385/- to apply and beats the thousands of rupees you need for other exams. TOEFL can be waived if your basic study was in English language

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