Is it too late to file H1B as this point?

Hi,I am getting ready to file a H1B visa through my company. I have heard that the cap has filled already, so does that mean it is too late to fill a H1B for this year?

My OPT is going to expire on Oct 2013. So after Oct, I will not have a visa to stay in the US so I would have to go back to my country?

I cannot extend my OPT, is there anything else I can apply to stay in the US?

Hi I am in the same situation, my OPT expires on August 15th and I am already working from Nov. 2012. According to the last post I saw on this website the number shows that it is not filled so which one is correct?
what are options students on opt have in the case all H1B are filled??

Cap is done for this year. No more H-1s can be filed now. Your options include:

  • file for OPT extension (if eligible)

  • move to another visa status like H-4 (if eligible)

  • enroll in another school/course/program

  • approach a non-profit or university or hospital for cap-exempt H-1

  • leave US