Is it too late to file for H1B for FY 2014?! Please hep, urgent!

Urgent: is it too late to file for H1B for FY 2014? the attorney told my employer the cap willbe filled by April 5, 2013!!! I would love to know if it’s still possible to apply? Please help!!!

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USCIS will start accepting new H1 application from April 1st 2013.There are lot of predictions flying over all around on possible lottery.

You need an LCA to file H1 application.Usually an LCA would be apporved in 7 business days.

Its upto you and your employer to see if you can file the application on time.

hey, I have the same question and same doubt. My LCA has already been opened on March 22, Attorney says, LCA would take 7 days to get the approval. I think the tentative date of my LCA’s approval is April 1. Then, on that day, will the attorney be able to file the petition ??

Yes, he can file on April 1

Based on LCA time required i.e. 7 business days , you may be very late looking at current scenarion and rumours , but wont be wrong if you take a chance .

good luck!!