Is it safe to travel to US, if H1B expires in 60 days?


I am holding a H1B visa expiring on Sept 30 2013. I am a first time traveller to US.My Company is planning to send me on August 2, 2013. Will it be safe to travel with around 58 days of validity. I am concerned whether I will be deported from the port of entry. Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance.

Yes it is safe. Your COmpany can always extend your H1B. Your Company MUST be willing to send you documentation showing you still have a job. Please keep it for the Port of Entry. It is a myth that people fear deportation; United States is an immigrant and compassionate country. The officers will help in every way to avoid deporting people. Good luck!

Even if it is my first time travel, then also the risk of deportation will not be there?

I have not heard of any, people have entered with 1 week validity.

That is fine…even I have come across such scenarios…But the people you speka of, who have entered with 1 week validity, was that the case with first time travelling?

It does not matter as long as you have a letter from your Employer, one week may not be right for first timers!

I have a friend who just travelled this September with 9 days validity. And another travelled in february 2013, with less than week validity. Both are first time travellers. As long as u have valid documents, there shouldn’t be an issue