Is it safe to travel to India/back in US without visa stamp in passport


My husband and I were on H1b/H4 from company A from (May 2012 to Feb 15 2013). Company A visa has expired. However, he has got a new H1b/H4 approved till 27 january 2016 from company B. we need to travel to India in the month of May and then come back to the US after 2-3 weeks. Is it mandatory for us to get visa stamp in passport while travelling to India? Will there be any problem while returning back from India if there is no visa stamp in passport?

Need a urgent response!!!


I am assuming that you had a visa stamp before coming here which was valid till Feb 15 2013. If this is the case then yes when you are travelling to India you will have to get it stamped again as the previous stamp has expired.

Thank you Ankit.
Yes, we did had a visa stamp before coming here which expired. Along with new H1b/H4 approved petition we have got the I-94 validity with receipt number. So just wanted to confirm, that in this case also we need to get stamp in passport.

You always need to have a valid visa stamp in the passport in order to return to US. So as long as your visa stamp has expired in the passport, you will have to appear for stamping w/ new employer’s documents.

Thank you Saurabh.
Can stamping be done in the neighbourhood countries like Canada & Bahamas apart from India. I mean which would be less time consuming. Plz suggest!!

If you have not done your education in US and if this is your first H-1 visa stamping, then it is strongly recommended to go to home country. You can still go to these countries, but there is a chance that they will refuse to interview you and ask you to appear in your home country.