Is it required to go for stamping ?

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I came to USA on Employer:1’s Petition (Visa was valid till Sept 2015). Now i have switched the Employer - Employer:2 with valid Approved Document (I 797) and also my Employer:1’s visa is expired.

If i want to visit India and come back to USA, is it required to get my Visa stamped with the approved document (Employer:2’s)?

Can i travel with approved document without getting my new visa stamped (Just to note, my earlier visa : Employer1’s is expired). So right now i have only the approved document from Employer:2.

Kindly suggest

If i need to get my visa stamped, then am i eligible for Drop Box Facility ? Help me please

You need to have a valid unexpired visa in order to enter US. If 1’s visa stamp has expired, then yes you have to appear for stamping. If you are currently working for 2, then carry 2’s petition for stamping.

You will be eligible for dropbox if your visa stamp has expired less than 12 months ago. There are other conditions as well, which you should check on us traveldocs site.

Thanks Saurabh, really appreciate your help and suggestions.

If i am not wrong, what i understood from ustraveldocs site to be eligible for Drop Box Option is:

  1. Applying for Same Type of Visa
  2. Expired visa should be less than 12 months old
  3. Expired visa should be stamped in India (Where you are opting for Drop Box)

Correct me if i am wrong.

That is correct. Providing random thoughts to make it reach 25 char limit.