Is it possible to transfer H1B to other employer?


I am working in India. I got H1B in 2015 and my visa & I797 was expired in Sept 2016. And still now I didn’t get a chance to travel to the USA. Now is it possible to transfer my H1B to other Employer if the job is confirmed? if yes please let me know how to proceed for transfer?


Well, this is slightly a grey area…Some had success in the previou years, some failures too…If you had H1B stamping done, then you would have been given H1B status by US Consulate to enter US, even though you did not travel and re-use the cap. Lately, USCIS questions that the H1B candidate never had H1B status as they neither got H1B stamped or had H1B status in US, so it can be tricky. You can double check and give it a shot by working with an attorney…