is it possible to study bachelor in science after bcom in india ?

first of all im really sorry for the question like this but what can i do i really need to knw… i had always some interest to study engineering but due to some problems i couldnt… somedays ago i was searching on net if it possible than came to knw tht it is possible but i have to take some prerequisite course of 1 yr… but it is in uk .i want to study in usa so is it possible in usa also if yes than will that degree worth it ? and what xams should i hav to give to get admission .

Typically for you to get a bachleors in US, you would need to take SAT. One option you can pursue is to transfer some of your credits earned here in B.COm and transfer them to the Undergrad University in US. You would need to work with the US universities on how this would work. Talk to few schools, it should be possible.

thnx sir for the answer ! but u mean i can transfer my bcom credits to any bsc degree thr ?

You could, it depends on the school in US. you need to check with them indidvidually…

thnx , this helped me alot :slight_smile: