Is it possible to go to US using Company A H-1B VISA for Company B?


I have a valid h-1b stamped from company A in mumbai consulate recently. The stamping was done couple of months ago and is valid till end of 2015.

Now my current employer is willing to process my h-1b for a long term job opening with a better salary than company A. I have accepted the offer and my current employer has filed a new h-1b petition on premium processing.

Questions -

  1. Once the new h-1b petition filed by my current employer is approved, do i have to go for stamping again?

  2. Is there any way i can use the existing h-1b visa from company A to go to US without having to go for stamping process again?

  1. No.

2)Yes, you can use the old visa and have the transfer approved documents with you when you enter.

Check with the company lawyer to confirm the same before travelling.