Is it possible to get H4 within 2 weeks after marriage

Hi, I am on a H1-B visa (valid until 2018), working in the US.

I am getting married in India (Chennai), in November 2016. I want to bring my wife along with me to the US, in the next two weeks after marriage.

I know that the important documents are her passport, my visa documents, marriage certificate (and marriage album, invitation card), ds-160. (let me know if i missed anything)

Question: Is it true that I can directly schedule an interview at the consulate and the officer will immediately approve it on spot - like it is for a tourist visa? (so I can collect the passport in 3 days)

Thanks a ton in advance

Yes, most of the straightforward cases can collect the passport within a week. However, if the stamping runs into issues like administrative processing, then it could be delayed by few weeks or several months.

Happy wedding!