Is it possible to change my interview consulate from Chile to India?

Hi,I have taken a h1b stamping appointment in chile .But because of personal reason I canceled my appointment and travelled to India.Now I am in India. Can I take h1b stamping appointment/ re schedule in India.Note: I have Indian passport. In I797 consulate is chile.I can not go back to Chile in near future.If yes: 1. I have paid interview appointment fees in chile. Do I need to pay again in India.or is there any way I can use same payment.Observation : appointment website in Chile and India are different.

Yes, you can appear for stamping in India.

Not sure but you can try to scheduling interview w/ same payment receipt number. If it doesn’t work then you will have to submit fees again. The H-1 visa interview fees varies from country to country, so my best guess is that it needs to submitted again.