Is it ok to have new passport stapled with old passport?

Last page of my new passport is stapled with first page of my old passport. I will be going for H1B visa stamping soon. Would it be fine to have passports stapled?

I do not want to remove staple pins as new passport will look like a tampered one with pin holes. If it is not ok to have passport stapled, then I will remove the pins.

What should I do? My passport are like that since I got a new passport, I have got canadian visa issued on new passport without any problem and also traveled to canada in the same condition. Not sure if USA will have issue with stapled passport.

I had similar situation, as my passports were stappled. There was no issue and got Visa stamped.

So go ahead.

Thanks. This certainly helps.

I will carry the stapled passports then. When did you get your visa stamped?