Is it not mandatory to resubmit DS-160 if Salary Details are wrong

I have entered wrong salary details in DS-160 form by mistake. I have used the same DS-160 confirmation number to schedule a interview which is next 5 days. Please let me know if its OK to fill another DS-160 form now. The consultant says, its fine and the discrepany can be conveyed and corrected during the interview. Please guide me.


In the interview you may not get a chance to explain anything that you want. I recommend that you do not leave anything to the discretion of visa officer.

If he/she notices any discrepency , a nasty visa officer may simply give you 221 G without asking you any thing. You should fill correct DS 160 fresh. Contact OFC .

use new DS 160 for same Interview.

Thanks for the reply. I will fill fresh DS-160 and attend the interview.