Is it normal to get multiple RFE on H1B after upgrading to PP?

My employer had applied for my H1B - regular processing in 2013 cap.USCIS issued the first RFE on September 5, 2012 and my employer responded to it on October 18,2012 along with the request for premium processing. Now after 6 days, USCIS site shows another RFE issued on October 24, 2012. Is it normal to get multiple RFEs? First RFE was related to Manager’s letter and SOW, yet to know the details of the second RFE. Will a second RFE result in NOID or denial?

At times 2nd RFE is issued when upgrading to PP. This happens as the petition was intiailly assigned to officer1, but gets re-assigned to officer 2 after being upgraded to PP. 2nd officer may want additional clarification and can issue subsequent RFE. Final outcome will depend upon what’s responded to the RFE.