Is it necessary to keep 6+ years of experience while applying for h1 visa


Thanks a lot for your response about our dilemma.But there are some other queries about applying h1 visa in my mind.

Consultancy people are saying like they will keep my experience as 6+ years but i have completed my btech 2 years back,I think it may become an issue while I go for my h1 let me know about my doubt on this.

  1. Is it necessary to keep 6 years of experience?

  2. Will there any issue while going for h1 stamping about the experience?

Thanks a lot for looking into this


As per the H1B speciality work visa requirement, all a candidate need is a 16 years of education with a relevent professional degree OR its equalent. For H1B petition, the experience is not manditory. But if you are experienced in the relevent specialty class, it is a good indication that you are skilled person in that area of specialization for H1.

Having said that, you CAN NOT and SHOLD NOT and MUST NOT fake your facts in Immigration process. In fact anywhere… with your 4 years Engineering degree, you are eligibile for H1 visa.

The consulting companies, inflate your profile for the marketing prupose. But if you lie/fake on any of the governmental procedures, you will be in great trouble, if not today, at least at some point later.

Please talk to your consultancy and get more clarity before proceeding.