Is it logical to quit MS program if I am not satisfied with course given the huge cost?

I am an Indian student currently enrolled in an MIS program in a university on the east coast. The course is very expensive (upwards of $50k) and I have taken a loan in order to finance my education. The coursework is pretty mediocre compared to the cost of education and I doubt if I will get a good ROI after my MS. I am almost done with the fall semester and it is too late to transfer to another university. Is it logical to quit the program, go back to India and apply for Fall 2016 to another university. I have a decent profile (GRE 317, TOEFL 109, 2 years of work ex in CRM domain)

You can inquire with universities/ community colleges close by that may be ready to transfer you. You still have a month. Now that you are already in USA, its always good to check first by personally visiting the universities close by …also you might have most of the documents with you here.

If you are planning for a particular university, check with your international office, if they can give you a semester break, you may go to India for a semester and try applying. But do check the tuition rates on their websites before you apply again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know what happens to our visa status once we quit and go back? Does the entire process have to be done again? Also, have you come across anyone who has been in such a condition before?