Is it feasible to transfer the H1 B to new employer now ?

Hi Saurabh,

My wife's H1 B is approved on 9th September 2013. Is it feasible for new employer to file H1 B can exempt petition and get the approval before 1st Oct 2013  in PP ? She is currently on L2 and COS is apporved to H1 B . we have only receipt number ( No I-797).

I am thinking to about 2next  weeks of time to file LCA and getting approval before oct 1st 2013 in PP . What if new employer petition is approved post Oct 1st ? would she going in to out of status between Oct 1st and approval date ? if it is approved after Oct 1st .


If possible to file new petition and get the receipt number before 1st OCT , can she work on based on petition # ? 

Could you please suggest ?



Can you please let me know ur comment ?