Is it a Good Time to Travel now who are in F1-OPT Extension?

One of my friends is planning ti Visit India in next 3 days. I know that we should have asked this question before booking the ticket, But please can anyone help us in giving the best suggestion as there are many speculations on cancelation of OPT STEM Extension.



Yes, it is perfectly fine to do it as long as the F1 is current and your friend has the OPT-EAD card at hand before entering back to USA.

But what about the STEM Extension rule? I heard that they are taking this STEM extension completely and there are blogs saying that it might be removed by February 12th? Do you have any idea about it?

USCIS has not provided any guidance on what will happen to those who already have OPT extensions approved. My best guess is they will remain approved even if rule is not passed. But this is just a GUESS.

Talk to the attorney if the travel is a must.