Is it a good idea to study in community collage?


I am on H4 visa and thinking to pursue Associate degree from Community collage. Many of my friends and relatives told me not to go with community collage. But the tuition fee and Location is very convenient for me. Should I go for it?

Thank you

Its a good thought to add qualification to the career instead of losing time.

If you cant get an affordable seat in a great college, its not bad to get into a college and doing a course, instead of losing the valuable time. Please proceed with your plan in the community college. After joining in there, you may be better aware of the courses, colleges and your career options even better.

After few years, read back your question and my answer, you will be amazed to find the one good decision that you are making today. All the best.

Thank you,

That was really helpful answer :slight_smile:

To add, whatever course credits you study in community college can be transferred to University course credits, so go for it !