Is H1B visa transfer possible after leaving the current employer

Hi All,

Currently, I am in India and I am having Valid stamped H1B visa and it is valid till 12/31/2017. Due to lack of opportunity in the current company, I have resigned from this company without transferring my H1B visa to another employer.

  1. How it will impact H1B visa and Petition means will both get expired when I leave the company.
  2. Should I look out for visa transfer before leaving the company
  3. One consultancy told me that after ur last day, come to USA and immediately we will transfer your visa.
    Please help me out in this situation

What do you mean by resigning the H1B employer? If you have really done that, you are currently out of status and illegal to live in US.

Currently, I am in India and not in USA. Sorry, I missed that info.

Your present location doesnt matter. If you have resigned while you are on H1 status in US, you will be out of status from that point of time till you have secured another legal status while in US. But if you have resigned while you are out of US, you will be fine.
Another US employer can file a non-cap new H1 petition(in other words transfer) for you.

Thank you for your reply ImmiGeek