Is dropbox for H1 B stamp renewal still available in Hyderabad(or any other consulate in india) Consulate?

My current H1-B visa stamp expired in Jan 2017. An extension was timely filed and approved and the new I-797 is now valid until Jan 2020. My previous H1-B stamping was done at Hyderabad Consulate and I am with the same employer.


  1. Am I eligible for dropbox for H1 B visa Stamping this time? Is dropbox suspended or still being offered?

  2. What are the general conditions for qualifying for dropbox? Specifically, do I need to go to the hyderabad consulate or any other consulate within India would also work?

  3. What documents would I require to submit for dropbox?

  4. Is the Dropbox a Walk-in Service or would I need to schedule an appointment?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Still available

  2. Any consulate would work

  3. Mandatory documents include 797, passport, DS-160 form, appointment letter. Additional documents may be asked depending upon specific case

  4. Walk-in