Is changing SOC Codes on LCA to underpay me, a mistake? Can i trouble my emloyer?

I’m on H1B Visa, currently in California. My employer put the SOC Code as 15-1131(Computer Programmers) in the first LCA he applied along with i-129(I was in PA that time). Later, i got a new client in California and moved here. In the next extension of my H1B visa, he prepared another LCA to file new H1B petition where he mentioned my SOC code as 15-1199(Computer Occupations, All Other). It pretty much looks like he changed this SOC Code to underpay me. My skillset has not changed between the two LCAs. My resume i submitted to my employer in both the cases are same.

There is a possibility that he can change the LCA but still give you the same salary. Has he told you that he reducing the salary?

In addition, if you think you are over qualified for the offered position, then why not change the employer.

I’m sure i did not mention that he is giving me the same salary. And yea, thanks for the advise.