Is anyone else experiencing H4 EAD delays?

Is anyone experiencing exceptional delays in their H4EAD processing? My application was received by USCIS CA center on Nov. 6, 2019. Biometrics was completed on Nov 26, 2019.

My work lawyers submitted for an expedited request, but we haven’t heard anything yet. It’s been 3 weeks already and we’ve been asked to wait until 45 days to hear back from them.

Today USCIS’ website regressed processing time of H4 EADs in CA by 1.5 months and according to the website it will take anything between 8.5-11 months for processing applications–which is absolutely ridiculous! Anyone else on the same boat?

I can see most of the approvals happening for Jan’20 these days…

In CA center? The USCIS website says that the processing time is now between 8.5-11 months