Is advisable to take spouse and Kids on B1 Travel

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It is advisable to take spouse and Kids on a B1 travel. I am first time applying for B1 VISA STAMPTING. Can we apply B1 and B2(spouse,Kids) together and do we need to apply for B2 only after i am getting the B1 Visa Stamping. Please advise.

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What’s the purpose of the trip, and who will take care of their expenses in US?

Purpose of my visit (Prinicipal Applicant ) is for business discussion for a new project and my spouse ( and Kids) is just accompanying me with B2 visa) for my 4 weeks stay in US. For myself company will be taking care and for spouse & kid’s expense I myself need to bare the expense, since companies doesn’t sponser the family Visa for Business trips.

I don’t know the perfect answer to this question, but my best guess is that they should go separate from you as the purpose of trips is different and there are different sponsors.

Your wife will have to show that she is not a potential immigrant (i.e. has social-financial ties w/ home country) and enough funds to cover the US expenses.

Can your own immigration lawyer guide on your family’s visas?