Is Adeptmax corporation is a Genuine consultancy to process h1b Visa ?

Hi all,

I came across from my friend about Adeptmax/scorgusa located in Huston Texas that will process H1B for 2016.

Could anyone has any idea about this company is it genuine or a fake one.

Thanks in advance.

Is he charging money ?. You can check the history in myvisajobs as well.


I am also planning to apply for H1 through them. Lets connect with each other and proceed accordingly.


Can you give me your contact number ?


my contact number is +420777102287.
my email id is

Give me your contact number as well.


My number is 9885122290.
By the way are out of India currently ?

I got a call from an Indian number, person named Vikas+91 80079 21999 on this. They are asking to pay the $1500 sent to Indian account in INR. Kindly share your experience with them…

Hi, even I got a call from the same person.
I am not able to verify if the company is genuine or not.
Is there any one who has some information about this company?


Did you apply through Adeptmax? If so can you share your mail id?

I also have applied for the Adeptmax this year and I got selected in lottery… let me see how they will process…

Hi All , Hope you know the site, on the right side you find search visa sponsor link -> click on that, you get Employer

fill the Employer i.e company name , you get the results

For AdeptMax from 2012-2015 nothing has been picked no H1 visa has been picked so far, so please don’t be in hurry and don’t lose your money.

anyways we lost (, I came to know about this site , check every time before you apply , enter the employer name (company name) and find whether its genuine or not, the site is US , so no one can change the figures,

don’t lose money, take care… -> on right side click on the search visa sponsor link and find the employer, details page, enter the company name from which you are applying, you get the results, then only apply, take care

hi, is the site, go to that site, on the right side you find search visa sponsor link, you get employer and other tabs, fill the company name and click on submit , you get the results if the company is genuine, AdeptMax not got even single H1 since 2012-2015 , you can check that

please do not be in hurry, guys, think twice, thank you, you can search and explore that site, myvisajobs, you get all information, -> right side, search visa sponsor , link on right side, and employer field, fill the employer i.e company name and click on submit,
you get all the results,

this year I think they applied 49, when I searched I got these results , please search from your side, and find the info for yourself.

thank you all, pass on that website to your friends, also

there are few results, sorry, under ADEpt max, you check from yourside every year, and also employer title,

thank you, and pass on, this info,

Thanks meena for your reply…

Vijay… can you share your contact details? I have applied but not selected and waiting for rejection letter. I trust them but if u can share your details that helps me to ask few questions

Vijay, Email:

Please dont go with Scorgusa/Adaptmax, i had processed my H1B in 2016 and they say it got picked in lottery.
I asked Vikas/Nirmal/Sohel/Rashmi to share the scan copy of the I-129 form details but till now they have not shared me any details about it atleast like reference number. Please dont waste your money.
Also i have been following up with Vikas continuously he responds but he will not give proper reasons.