Is $85K salary will be sufficient in San Jose


I’ve got H1B approved with $85K Salary.

i’m having two kids. elder one school going.

is it possible to manage in San Jose in this Salary? How is the education system there? fees structure in govt & private schools?

please share your inputs.



You didn’t specify from where you are moving to San Jose. It is one of the most expensive place to live. Personally I think it is way too less. If you are willing to compromise on education and quality of living probably it may be Ok.

Hi Ram,

Thanks for your response. at present i’m in india.


how is the quality of education there in govt. schools comparing with private schools?

is it possible to save anything after deductions?

after tax dedution & other deduction how much i’ll get in hand?

Please share your inputs.

Hi Looks like you have not been in US before. Check this site for your take home salary. Secondly check the site for the homes near your office. Since you have two kids, you must take 2 bed 2 bath apartment. Its a law here. Coming to school only multi-millionaires send the kids to private schools :). Public schools are way far ahead and than any best paid school in India. You will have to just find the schools for your locality. Look into for the school ratings. Each apartment will have specific schools based on your kids grade. When you call the apartment you can ask for which schools they belong to then check their rating in the website I have specified.


I’ve been to US earlier but for short term. I’m not aware of the things in much detail.

The information you have provided is really useful. Will go through the urls & understand the things.

Thanks very much for the details.