invite my mother on my F1 visa

Mother is homemaker and has has property in India. Father is a business man, brother is working in MNC. I would like to invite my mother to US so that she can have a US tour with me. So is it possible to invite her on my student visa?

It is very easy to do this for your mom now on an F-1 as you by yourself are not considered a permanent immigration risk in this visa class. It gets progressively challenging as you start moving up visa categories like H-1. Consulate will just need to know if your mom can take care of herself financially and healthwise when in the US. Answer the question carefully on who will support her. You can support only her lodging because you already have a place. Your support ability is limited, and the officer knows this fact so do not claim otherwise in any letters, be very honest. Mentioning that she is travelling with enough funds for travel, food etc and with international health insurance AND a list of medical facilities around where you live in the US which accept this insurance will be helpful. The insurance part is important, money dries up fast during uninsured medical care in the US and you as an F-1 student cannot handle such situations. You also must have a chronic condition evacuation plan (example if my mother’s diabetes develops complications, she will return immediately after taking advice from the US doctor on travel etc)

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.

Thank you very much Shankar for the reply.
Can you also plz tell me whether I need to provide any invitation letter to my mom to show it to the visa people? also it will be great if you help me know the process to achieve the 3 months visitor visa for my mom.

Hi Sai, I am happy you found the information helpful. In my opinion, an invitation letter does not fit here. However a letter to the Consulate carried by your mom which clearly says you are a bonafide student in status at University X, living at address Y, supporting yourself financially through method Z and are hosting your mom for a few months will be helpful. This letter must be accompanied by copies of your passport, visa, I-20, I-94, fellowship check copy for last 3 months (not bank statement) etc. A letter from your University International Office stating simply that they are aware your mom is visiting and welcome such visits by family will also be nice. This is your part. Your Mom has to establish family ties (husband and your brother back in India), no major health issues, international insurance coverage etc., which is pretty standard.

Wish you the very best, please say I said Happy journey to your Mom :))

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.

Mr. Shankar, thank you very very much for such a great reply and I would definitely pass on your wishes to mom :slight_smile:
Thanks & best regards,