Invalid dates in I797 with with future dates


My H1B Visa extension got approved with future dates . My visa got expired in Sep2015 and my employer filed extension . but i got the approval notice and I797 is having valid start date from Oct2016.

I think start date should be from Oct2015 but it was mentioned as Oct2016. Year was changed. Is there a way to correct this and suggest me.



Your attorney should immediately contact USCIS and get this fixed.

Thanks Saurabh for the reply. Is it good to stay in US with the requestId or acknowledgement of that correction request?

Do you have a currently approved I-94? Did the I-94 w/ 797 has same 2016 dates? In that case you may be in a bit of a situation. Its best to take attorney’s advice here.

Thanks Sourabh,My employer raised a request for correction. One more thing i need suggestion regarding is , my passport is going to expire by the end of June(1.5 month). Can i raise a request for passport renewal now in this situation?

If I may be little critical - you shouldn’t have waited so long for passport renewal. Passports can be renewed at most 1 year in advance, so you could have done this long ago.

Anyways, go for passport renewal now. I don’t remember what docs they ask but it should be available on Indian embassy site.

Typically, USCIS doesn’t issue I-94 beyond passport expiration date. So watch out what the expiration date of new I-94 will be once they correct it.