Interview Waiver for H4 child with parents visa expired

My H1B visa is expired. I am in US, but my wife and daughter are in India. My wife recently got her visa renewed through drop Box.
My daughter is 2 years old.
However i was not able to schedule dropbox for my daughter, since the questionnaire in the cfgfederal website said both the parents need to have valid visa if the child is 14 years of age.
Recently 2 months back USCIS issued a Visa Waiver update, where people who had to go for visa interview earlier are getting visa waiver.

My questions is:
Can i still go ahead and schedule a drop box appointment for my daughter, considering my H1B visa is expired.?

Did you actually try adding your daughter with your wife’s appointment? Users have reported that they were able to schedule for their child under 14 along with their dropbox appointment.

Yes i did try that, but it mentioned that every member added should individually qualify for the Visa Interview Waiver. And in my daughter’s case, since i did not have a valid visa, i could not add her along with my wife. I then went ahead and booked for my wife.
I did a fresh application only for my daughter separately, and did book for interview for which the date is around Oct 2022.
In view of the recent USCIS interview waiver notice, i wanted to know, if i can rebook her in the interview waiver category.?

Yes you should try that.