Interview to attend for B1/B2 Business visa.

I have an interview to attend at the U.S embassy for B1/B2 Business visa. I was wondering is anyone can assist with what to expect and please help with the answers.

What documents i have to carry?


What is Your Company Name. Purpose of Visit(this Question you need to answer carefully), Your Organization Nature of Business, Your Role in company, How long your visit will be, Which place are you going, Your Current Salary, What is the need to go there why cant you do the same from Here(this Question you need to answer carefully)

Documents : - Invitation Letter, Training Schedule, Business Card, Your Company provided Letter that states you will be Visiting US on Business Purpose.

Thank you Vishal

Thank You Vishal, my visa has been approved i will be getting my PP in next 3-5 working days. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Dayanand … Congratulations …What question were asked to you… it will be help to others going for B1/B2

  1. Purpose of Visit
  2. What is Your Company Name
  3. What is your last company name
  4. Your Role and responsibilities in current company
  5. How long your visit
  6. What you will be doing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd week
  7. Your current salary