Interview question for L1 Visa


My company has applied L1 visa for me and i will be going for the stamping interview with my spouse and one year old kid after 20 days.

I want to know the following things before the interview :

  1. What are the main questions asked for L1 visa. Are there any specific question which they are mostly asked.

  2. What are possible reasons to reject the stamping for L1.

  3. Are there any important guidelines for which we should take care during interview

  1. You may be asked about your current job profile and future job description in US.

  2. L-1 is for jobs requiring use of employer specific knowledge, skills, tools etc. If they determine that you won’t be using them at your job, they may deny it and ask you to apply for H-1

  3. Be confident and know what your job duties are. Talk to immigration team about recent L-1 visa interview experiences.