International Driver's License

Hi Guys,

I’ve got my H1-b stamping done and might be travelling in les than a month’s time. Can I get an IDL made in this shot period of time? Or is there some test which you can clear in the US and get a DL there itself.

Let me know if anyone has some information on this topic.

I don’t know about IDL, but you can come to US, give driving test and get US DL. It is always better to have US DL as it works both as ID and DL.

Which state will you be travelling to, as DL requirements vary (slightly) from state to state.

Hi Saurabh,

I’ll be traveling to CA. I think I’ll give a driving test there itself and get a license.

Yes, it’s pretty easy in CA. You can submit the passport, SSN, 797 and I-94 and give the written test. Once you pass that, you can appear for behind-the-wheels exam.