Intent To Revoke for Fresh H1B 2014

hey yesterday i got intent to revoke notice for my fresh h1b, i dint see this status for any fresh h1b case? should i be worried about this? or it just a case of SLA run over? what are my chances of getting approval?

Appriciate your help!!!

Did you change your client or location without H1 amendment?

no actually my clients head quarter moved to other location

When the client HQ moved, that means your work location will also change, correct?

yes right, while filing h1 i gave head quarters address as my primary work location

one thing i dint get is all my other colleague dint get intent to revoke even though they work for same client… most of them got approval, some of them got RFE

It depends on the adjudicator… your luck is bad that he decided to follow the rules for you.

i got approval… :slight_smile:
was not expecting this to be so quick…