Instate Residency for H4

My husband is in the US for 3 years on H1. We got married in Novemebr 2015 and I joined him in Texas 2 months back. I am planning to do MBA here on H4 visa starting July 2017. I will be completing 12 months in Texas by May 2107. We are planning to visit our relatives back in India for a month. I want to know, that if we visit India for a month, will this month will be included in that 12 month period of residency or not. Or is it required to be present in a state for continuous 12 months. Please help me with this.

Also, I have my name added on the lease document and also have my state ID created. Are these two documents enough to proof my residency in Texas?

Traveling outside US for 1 month should not make you ineligible, as you continued to consider TX as your home state even when you were traveling.

Usually the 2 docs should be fine, but I am not from TX. So its better to see your school’s site or talk to DSO.