Inquiry regarding H1B Amendment_

Here is my Query. H1 CAP got approved. LCA was filed with 2 work locations. Client location: New Plymouth, Idaho; Home location: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now got new project Client location is at Texas. But can work from remote location. Beneficiary is at same NC location. Beneficiary is planning to go India. Is amendment required ?
Even though if he goes for visa stamping, if officer asks regarding his client. What is best to answer.

If you will be working from same location (WFH) and if it is listed in the LCA, you dont need H1B amendment even if the client change.
Amendment is required if there is any material change of location, job position/duties, end client.
In your case you can simply post the copy of LCA at your home for 30 days and avoid filing H1B amendment as there is no change in your work location.

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Thank you for the help…appreciate it