Inquiry about H1B Application Confusing


I have B.S. in environmental engineering but I am currently working as a civil engineer in water resources field. I would like to know can I file my H1B application with Civil Engineer job title? Is that my Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering would cause me trouble to apply the H1B with Civil Engineer title?

I do not want to apply as Environmental Engineer because the prevailing wage for Environmental Engineer is much higher than Civil Engineer which our company could not afford it.

Please provide me some solutions or opinions. Thank you. I appreciate it.

You can apply as a Civil Engineer if you qualify. You may be asked about your qualifications if the degree is not related directly to profession. You may show trainings (on-job or otherwise), work experience etc to demonstrate the same.

This is similar to a non-CS person applying for an IT job. As long as they can show they have the qualification, they can go for it.

I don’t know much about Environmental Engg and Civil Engg to provide a more detailed answer. Maybe your attorney can look at what you have studied and what you are doing to provide a more concrete answer.