Inputs on Initial Review stage

Hi Saurabh,

Today I have received receipt number for H1b application and Application status is displayed as Initial review.

Find below the few questions i have

  1. what is the process now onwards?

2, How much time is required for change of this status?


  1. USCIS will now scrutinize all the information provided in the petition and then they will take appropriate action on it. The petition will be approved if they are satisfied with the provided information or they will issue RFE notice of action to your company/attorney to provide more information.

  2. If your petition is filed for Premium Processing, you should know the status of your petition within 15 days of acceptance. If your petition is filed for regular processing, USCIS could take 2-6 months to arrive on a decision.

However, please note that the status provided in the USCIS website may or may not show the actual status. You may check with your company/attorney for more accurate information.

Thanks Sujith, its almost two month now from the date of filling application…waiting for decision.