Initiating simultaneous transfer processing of a petition with 2 employers

Hi Saurabh,

I have this question.

I have an old petition (with Employer A) with remaining years on it. The petition ‘CAN’ get approved so there is no question over there.

However there are two employers B and C who are both interested in transferring this petition. In the interest of time I wish to start the transfer process simultaneously.

So the question is - Is it possible to have two new employers B and C to try and get my petition transferred to them? Wouldn’t that cause an issue? If I don’t stop this process and let it continue, in the end will I land up with two petitions, one from each B and C? But can travel with only one employer’s papers and will have to let go others?

Can you please confirm?

Both B and C can file cap-exempt petition using A’s approved petition as reference. If both are approved, you can decide to pick either and work for that employer.

Hey Saurabh,

Thanks. I did the same and it got approved by both B and C. Now I need to decide one among them.

however I am in a bigger dilemma because I now have a Full time job offer from Canada as well. looking at the volatility of USA I think Canada is less risky and safer bet. Citizenship in 4 years flat.

Congrats of the 2 approvals.

However, I am not well versed with Canadian job market and immigration process.