Information Required Regarding Conversion of H1 to L1


gone through most of the questions, found similar question but unfortunately didnt find them answered.

Here is the question which is making me mad from months:

Me and my wife was working in same company in India, recently i changed my company and got H1 from the same and travelled to USA. Recently my wife has resigned from her job and joined me on H4.

we have lot of openings/jobs which suits her profile but unfortunately she has to either wait till oct 2015 even if someone sponsors her which will be a career destroying as she gets a break of almost more than a year.

my question is,

  1. Is H1 to L1 transfer possible? Is it legal?

  2. is there some thing like, even if i apply for L1 transfer, still it gets approved my H1 will be valid?

i dont have plans to change my company as this company is ready to recruit my wife provided she has a VISA. can you please let me know the process of H1 to L1 conversion.

In big tension, will be a big help is some one answers my questions.