Information in DS-160 for dependents

Dear members, I need some clarification in filling DS-160 for my wife(H4). Here is my situation, I am going for H1 stamping in the second week of Feb. My wife did not have a passport till last week, so while filling my DS-160, I chose ‘No’ for “Other Persons Traveling with You:”, since I was not sure if my wife will be travelling with me.

Now my wife has a passport and I am planning to take her with me for the staming. So in the interview, is there any chance the VO will ask why I had mentioned 'No' for "Other Persons Traveling with You:"?

Any adivce in this would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.

Generally they won’t ask… Even if they ask, U have a valid reason… so do not worry

Thanks RaNa!!!

I shall suggest a simple way.

Fill another DS 160 form with correct information. Contact OFC to link new Ds 160 with your appointment.