info i got.. dnt file multiple H1's , audit to follow if you do

I got official info from attorney from murthy firm after paying 250$, He said this time due to heavy complaints from last year over mutiple H1s, those multiple applications will be scrutinized last, they will be checked with an Audit for genuine filings, so be careful folks stick to one petition this time.

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Yes, true, they will put an Audit this year on beneficiaries!

I hope you are refering multiple filing by same employer for same worker…

As per my information mupliple employer can file for same worker…and this is not illegal.

One employer may not file multiple petitions in order to ‘game the system’. This rule was declared when in 2008, the cap was reached in 7 hours of opening of quota. However, same employer may file for same employee multiple times if position applied for is different each time. The latter is important and there must be a clear difference in position description or it will be considered a duplicate. Different employers can file for same candidate, this is not a problem nor is it covered by the 2008 USCIS rule on duplication, nor is there a limit on how many employers can file for same person. This question raised by Srikanth is worth researching further as it will benefit so many people.

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I had similar doubts,my attorney mentioned that, even though if you file multiple H1’s they will count it as one for the course of lottery. So if you have genuine two offers go ahead and apply, but if you are just doing this to increase chances in the lottery, it will not increase you chances in lottery . Be careful.

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I don’t think this is right at all. Why would it be interpreted differently this year? I think same employer cant file for same employee. Different companies can file for same employee.