Info about right course and scope in USA after from ECE in India?

Hi! I am Aakash, studying in 3rd year of my in ECE in DCE, Delhi. Kindly let me know best options after ECE in MS from USA. Also is Electrical Engineering suitable or a specific MS in Telecommunication is better? I have heard there arent much scope of either University when it comes to MS in Telecommunication? Can you let me know the Universities for both the courses as I am preparing for GRE and will soon be applying. Also, Kindly let me know if there is any prerequisite needed that is lacking and also the scope after my graduation there?


You need to first figure out what you would like to do in MS. There are options to pursue courses in a variety of fields…it depens on the school you choose. So, first you need to figure out your interests and see where you want to go…

Best way would be to look at few US schools websites and get a feel for programs for someone with ECE Background…Then you look at the research at a particular school and then you pick the school, if it has good professor and good program. We do not advise on schools…but essentially, what I said above is the strategy.

coming to prerequisites, it depends on school…you may need to do few as required, but you can always get them waived if you have studied something similar in UG.

Thanks, Kumar! This site is really helpful in knowing details of whole process. Coming back to my question, I think in USA there is only Electrical Engineering and ECE is a part of it, I think there is a cource MS in Elec. Engg. (Telecomm.).
Also, i want to know from you, what is the scope of getting a job after completion of MS in EE (telecommunication)? Did you get a job from college placement, or you applied after graduating? and you Visa status? does F-1 visa give us enough time to find a job and settle?

Thanks again :slight_smile: