Indian tourist e visa for US born kid - OCI Card

I am on H1b visa and planning to visit India in next month so trying to get Indian tourist visa to my US born kid (7 months old)

I have tried the site but getting the prompt as “E-VISA services are currently not available in your area. Please contact the nearest Indian Embassy, Consulate or Indian VISA Application Centre.”

-> Is there any way I can apply for tourist visa online.

-> We might stay in India for more than 6 months, how to renew this tourist visa from India

-> Can we apply for my kid OCI card while he is in USA and can travel to India

Please help me with the information. Thanks in advance !

The best approach is to get the OCI card, so that you do not have to worry about all these hassles. Yes, do it when you are in US.
There can be issues with online system, email or call the US emabssy, they should help you.