Indian PP reissue in Houston Consulate


My passport is expiring soon, I would like to apply re-issue. I prefer to do by going in person to consulate (in Houston) rather than sending by mail. I have some questions

a) I want my passport to update latest Indian permananent address. I have original utility bill (India address). Will that be accepted for permanent proof address?. Do I need to notarize that?

b) To apply person, do I need to book an appointment and go there, how fast and easy it is?

c) How long does it take?

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Houston Consulate is just like an Indian passport office, they are rude, never on time and argue about small errors. Mail the expired passport, include extra cash for expedited service etc BUT do not ask them to change address They will not use utility bill to change anything and will potentially delay issue of new passport. This is because your passport address is linked to your family’s ration card or voter registration card and updates do not work like they do in the United States.

AND do not waste time going there in person, it will not help.

Thanks shankar. Can you pl answer other questions.

Visit the consulate website, use expedited service. Just like US Embassy in India, the Indian consulate here has outsourced passport services to an agency. Your going personally will not help although I understand you are worried about losing the old passport. Expedited service takes 5 days and they are pretty good at sending the document back. Make a copy before sending anything, digital scanned versions are better, copy every page.