Indian Passport Exipry when an L1 visa is valid

Hi Folks,
I have come to US on L1 visa which is valid until 2014 but my passport is expiring in next 5 days. My I-94 is also valid until 2014.

Please let me know of the following:

  1. Would I become an illegal immigrant if I do not renew my passport and stay in US with expired passport bu valid I94.
  2. What happens if passport is not renewed on time and there is a gap between expiry of old passport and reissue of new passport.

I would highly appreciate if someone can respond to my query.
Devraj Singh

  1. I think its illegal to stay in a foreign country without a valid Passport, even if the person has other documents related to authorized stay.

    1. I am not sure on that. I would recommend you to apply for Passport renewal ASAP with the Indian consulate in US.

    Please read the blog from RedBus2US - Indian Passport Renewal in USA 2012 – Houston – Checklist, Steps