India Travel with H1B Extension pending and approved visa till Dec


I need help as I need to travel to India urgently for 1 week due to death in family and my Extension is in process. I’ve H1B visa until 12/13/2022, I wanted to know if its okay to come back with Extension pending and if my extension is approved, will I get until 12/13/2022 only? Thanks.

Travel doesn’t impact extension of status so no need to worry. Assuming your H1B visa is valid at the time you enter the US, just carry your current I-797, last three pay stubs and employment verification letter while travelling back.

Thanks Kalpesh. In some blog I read that the approved petition will not have the i94 and I’ll get the approval till 12/13/2022(old visa dates) and I would need to reapply for extension. Thanks