India travel on OPT while still search for Job

Hi Saurabh,


Currently I am on OPT, in search of job, I would like to visit India for 3 weeks, could I do it, or would it cause any issues while reentering. I have an offer letter from consultancy in US, but not sure, if it helps as it is not the actual job. Thank you for your help.



I would suggest agaist it. IMO, you should travel on OPT only if you have a valid job, or else it may be an issue while re-entering US.

Talk to your DSO as well about it.

How many days have you been unemployed since starting your OPT?

Thank you Saurabh. Who is DSO? Its been 4 months on OPT, that I am unemployed.

Designate School Official - the person in your school assigned to look into immigration matters etc.

A person can stay unemployed for only up to 90 when on OPT. As you have already crossed this line, you are already in a bad position irrespective of whether you travel outside of US or not.

Your first priority should be to get a paying job ASAP.

Thank you Saurabh, this is helpful.