Independent contractor on OPT STEM & CPT

Hi. I’m currently in STEM OPT & working n company A. My STEM OPT is going to end by Jan 2019. So I have joined a univ for second masters which offers CPT. My current job contract with company A expires on Dec2018. Right now, I got placed in a diff company (B). Offer with company B is “independent contractor” & they have mentioned in contract that they will provide me form 1099. My question is whether to take up the job offer from Company B? Am I good to work for company B from now(Nov2018) during STEM OPT as independent contractor and am I eligible to work as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR for company B during my Day1 CPT? How about the tax filing for independent contractor? Will there be any problem if I file my H1 in future with any employer ? Am confused whether to take this offer from Company B. Need some help

Its is like a gray area, I would say you dont. It is better to consult with your school international office. Please be aware that most schools that offer first day CPT will be scrutinized by USCIS.